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European and International organisations

European Commission

European Commission 
DAPHNE III Programme to combat violence against children, young people and women

Daphne Toolkit

European Parliament 
Committee on Women’s rights and gender equality

Council of Europe. Campaign to combat violence against women, including domestic violence

Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women 

European and International networks

European Women's Lobby

International Center for Research on Women. Violence Against Women section

Stop violence against women

Women Against Violence Europe

EWSI Project
Policies’ School Hannah Arendt 

Links to other European projects

Daphne Project: "Work with Perpetrators of Domestic Violence in Europe"

RECON “Reconstituting democracy in Europe”. Work Package 4: “Justice, Democracy and Gender”.

Daphne Project, “Gendered and Sexualised violence in Educational Environments”

Daphne Project; “Good practices in screening of the victims of violence in intimate partnership in maternity and child welfare services”.

Daphne project GVEI. Proposing new indicators: measuring violence effects.

Daphne project APROPOS. Multisectoral and multidisciplinary professional specialization programme and network for violence preention

Interesting Links par countries

Spanish State

Instituto de la Mujer

Institut Català de les Dones

Centro Reina Sofía para el Estudio de la Violencia

Observatorio de la Violencia de género en Bizkaia

Biblioteca de Mujeres

Information and documentation centre on gender violence


Altra. In prison support and therapy for victims and perpretators of domestic violence
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