altra. Daphne Program


ALTRA: In-Prison Support and Therapy for Victims and Perpetrators of Domestic Violence

The project takes place with the support of the European Commission’s Daphne II Programme to combat violence against children, young people and women.

Project partners:

  SURT (Barcelona, Spain)
  Packhaus (Kiel, Germany)
  MONA Foundation for the Women of Hungary (Budapest, Hungary)

The project aims to :

Provide an innovative, gender focused in-prison pilot treatment program for women victims and men perpetrators of domestic violence

Expected results of the 2-year project are:

1. A research report on existing programs based on the consultation with a group of experts 
(task force groups) in each country and on secondary research by the partners. The reviewed programs include: 
a) Existing forms of in-prison and out-of-prison programs for both target groups in the countries of the partners;
b) Main types of existing in-prison treatment programs for both target grops used in the European Union, their results, and best practice in both fields. 

2. Development of two treatment programs shared among the partners, for both target groups. The shared approach will be based on the results of the above research, and on the guidelines agreed at a transnational meeting in Germany, where the familiarization with the therapy practice will also take place. As a result, two shared treatment manuals are produced.

3. Implementation of the pilot treatment programs in women’s and men’s prisons in Hungary and Catalonia, Spain. The pilot groups are to consist of 10 to 15 voluntary participants and are expected to run for 6 months, under the leadership of the selected therapists but involving prison staff where appropriate. During the implementation of the pilot programs, training about domestic violence for prison personnel is developed and takes place at one-day training sessions for ca. 20-25 staff members respectively. The pilot programs are finally evaluated by the participants as well as by the professionals and prison staff involved in the project. 


Altra. In prison support and therapy for victims and perpretators of domestic violence
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