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Project partners and Task force groups 

Project partners:

SURT (Barcelona, Spain)

SURT, Women’s association for the labour insertion begins in 1993 as a non profit organization with the intention to create and develop initiatives
and proposals to facilitate the socio-labour integration of women belonging
to collectives at risk of social exclusion.

The work developed by SURT has stressed the importance of developing and encouraging the personal skills and resources within the woman’s general project of life and work, facilitating in this way an integral development where women themselves are active actors and decision-makers of their own process of labour integration and improvement of life conditions. The research is the other part that focused our work, thus it allows the continuos reflection, development, and improvement to achieve our objectives.

Packhaus (Kiel, Germany)

MONA Foundation for the Women of Hungary (Budapest, Hungary)

MONA was established in 1992 as a non-profit, non-partisan foundation dedicated to the betterment of the lives of all women in Hungary. In order to achieve that, MONA’s activities fuse the theoretical and practical. The foundation educates women on empowerment strategies for participation in a democratic society by improving their political activity at all levels of government, their economic strength through job-seeking strategies and training, and their preparation for the job market of the 21st century. The foundation also organizes national media campaigns to improve women’s knowledge about human rights.

MONA supports research on women’s issues on a national and international level by conducting research on the opportunities for and problems of women's participation in politics, and by initiating and organizing research on women's employment, women’s participation in public life and violence against women, with particular focus on mobbing at the workplace, prostitution and trafficking and domestic violence. The foundation organizes conferences, congresses and other professional meetings on issues related to gender equality, and acts as a publishing and distribution clearing-house on gender-related publications of interest to professionals and experts.

Moreover, MONA encourages networking between institutions by organizing and participating in international joint projects with NGOs and other organizations, and by disseminating best practices of research institutions in terms of gender-oriented policy research.


Altra. In prison support and therapy for victims and perpretators of domestic violence
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