Daphne Program - GVEI project (28/02/07 - 27/02/09)



SURT, Fundació de Dones. Fundació Privada. (Surt. Women's foundation. Private foundation)
C/ Guardia 14, Bajos - 08010 Barcelona, España

Tel: +34 93 342 83 80 
Fax: +34 93 342 83 81 

Project coordinator: Mar Camarasa i Casals

    Also you can use the following form Web to contact with the coordination of the project.

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In agreement with the effective norm of protection of personal data, article 5 Organic Law 15/199, we informed that the data that are facilitated through this form will happen to the file of SURT with the purpose of being able to inform on the activity of the GVEI project. 

GVEI. Proposing new indicators: measuring violence effects
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