Daphne Program - GVEI project (28/02/07 - 27/02/09)



"Proposal of new indicators to measure the effects of gender violence" - publication result of the GVEI's Project


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Background of the project:

Two previous studies developed by Surt, "Gender Indicators against Social Exclusion" and "Violence Against Women; an analysis of penitentiary women population" concluded that domestic/gender violence becomes a transversal factor that impact in all the spheres of women's life. Consequently, social policies fighting and preventing the phenomenon should consider it, if they pretend to be effective. This project aims to study these effects and creat indicators for measuring them. 

  • Web of the project "Gender Indicators against Social Exclusión” of the Transnational Exchange Programme Phase I and Phase II. Employment and Social Affairs. European Comisión (2002-2004). 

Reports from the GVEI project:

Proposal of Qualitative Variables for Gender Violence Effects Indicators

Executive Summary of Analysis of the fieldwork

Comparative Report of Analysis of the fieldwork

National reports of analysis of the fieldwork.

           Catalonia. Spanish state: Final Report Spain

           Italy: Final Report Italy

           Finland: Final Report Finland  (Finnish version)

           Estonia: Final Report Estonia 

National reports on the legal framework and the main studies and statistics on gender violence and its effects in each country.

           Spanish state: National Report Spain

           Italy: National Report Italy

           Finland: National Report Finland 

Theoretical and methodological framework (english version)



GVEI. Proposing new indicators: measuring violence effects
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