Daphne Program - GVEI project (28/02/07 - 27/02/09)



The project takes place with the support of the European Commission’s Daphne II Programme to combat violence against children, young people and women (2004 - 2008).

The partner organizations in this project are:

The project aims to:
Design social indicators for measuring and shedding light on the multidimensional effects of gender violence on women’s life, in order to improve social policies dealin with gender violence.

Expected results of the 2-year project are: 
1. Secondary research on the legal framework and the main studies and statistics at national level on gender violence and its effects. As a result of this research, national reports will be elaborated on the state of the art of this issue in Spain, Italy, Estonia and Finland. 

2. Common European report on the conclusions of the fieldwork carried out in the four partner countries. The fieldwork consists (in each country) of 15 qualitative interviews to women victims of gender violence and 3 focus groups with experts in the subject.

3. Common report collecting a transnational list of variables about the effects of gender violence to women.

4. Transnational report containing the quantitative proposal of social indicators to measure gender violence effects. 

5. Transnational report on political proposals and recommendations for fighting and preventing gender violence. 

6. Transnational Conference in each participating country to disseminate the results of the project.

GVEI. Proposing new indicators: measuring violence effects
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