Daphne Program - GVEI project (28/02/07 - 27/02/09)


Partner organizations

The partner organizations of the project are: Local platform of the project are:
SURT (Barcelona, Spain)

SURT, Women’s association for the labour insertion begins in 1993 as a non profit organization with the intention to create and develop initiatives
and proposals to facilitate the socio-labour integration of women belonging
to collectives at risk of social exclusion.

The work developed by SURT has stressed the importance of developing and encouraging the personal skills and resources within the woman’s general project of life and work, facilitating in this way an integral development where women themselves are active actors and decision-makers of their own process of labour integration and improvement of life conditions. The research is the other part that focused our work, thus it allows the continuous reflection, development, and improvement to achieve our objectives.

SURT works at :
a grass-root level, by attending and supporting women in their social and labour integration. SURT develops several activities in this area: individual attention and counselling to women, support in the definition of a personal professional project; definition of itineraries of insertion; organisation and implementation of vocational training; support to self-employment women; development of occupational workshops, etc. 
a research level, by carrying out European research projects that provide an space for forum, innovation, investigation, exchange of experiences and cross-national learning. The R+D area aims at enhancing our knowledge on the women target groups, researching and designing new ways of intervention with women at risk of social exclusion, developing and fostering cross-sectorial European networks, exchanging experiences with other countries, developing gender indicators, etc. In conclusion, the goal is to advance in the state of the art.

Both approaches are essential for SURT’s project, since research and day-to-day practice are combined with a view to enhance our knowledge and better attend and support women. 

Contact Information

SURT. Women's foundation. Private foundation. (Women's foundation. Private foundation.)
Guàrdia, 14 - baixos
08001 - Barcelona - Spain
Tel. +34 93 342 83 80
Fax. +34 93 342 83 81

Link: http://www.surt.org

logo Surt

Local platform of experts of Catalonia

- Anna Obradors, Institut de Govern I Polítiques Públiques (IGOP -UAB)
- Laia Rosich, El Safareig, Grup de Dones Feministes de Cerdanyola
- Àngela Gabàs, Expert in indicators. Coordinator of the European Project Gender Indicators against social exclusion (2002-2005), Financed by the DG of Employment and Social Affairs of the European Commission. 
- Daniela Heim, SURT (Research area)
- Pilar Quevedo, SURT (Research area)
- Mar Camarasa, SURT (coordinator of GVEI project)

Organisations collaborating with the project in the fieldwork:

- CLAM (Association Against Moral Harrassment)
- CIE (Specialised Intervention Centre) from Sant Feliu de Llobregat
- Mujeres Pa’lante
- ABD (Association Wellbeing and Development)
- UB – Faculty of Psychology
- UAB – Antígona Centre, Law Faculty 
- Office for victims’ attention. Jutice Department. Generalitat de Catalunya.
- SEDISEM (European Service of Information about Mobbing) 
- AVALC (Association of Victims of Labour Harrassment in Catalonia)
- CCOO (Trade union). Women’s Secretary
- ASAM (Association Stop Mobbing)
- Shelter Houses from Barcelona province

Thank you very much to all of them

Gender Studies Unit, University of Tartu (Tartu, Estonia)

The Unit of Gender Studies is connected with the Faculty of Social Sciences of University of Tartu. The unit acts as an academic program, research and information centre since 1995.

There are several research groups and centres working at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Most of the staff of the Department of Psychology, and the unit of family and gender studies at the Department of Sociology and Social Policy, belong to the Centre of Behavioural and Health Sciences, one of the Estonian Centres of Excellence in Research. This is a multidisciplinary and inter-institutional network of the internationally most recognized behavioural and social scientists in Estonia who work in divergent areas related to regulation of behaviour and its impact on health. 

Aims of the unit are:
· gender research
· promotion of gender studies
· teaching and curriculum development
· advocacy (governmental institutions, women's NGOs, other interested groups)
· documentation of research results
· lectures, seminars, and courses for non-academic community
· co-operation between institutions, academic community, and with the women's NGOs
· databases of persons related to gender studies, institutions and women’s NGOs, men’s NGOs

Unit of Gender Studies is participating in different international projects. 6 FP project BASNET is studying women in science, LoWER3 is studying employment issues in connection with low wage and low skilled women and men in labour market.

Currently three core researchers are connected with the Unit: Anu Laas, Kairi Talves, Katri Lamesoo.

Contact Information

Unit of Gender Studies
Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tartu

78, Tiigi St., 50410 Tartu, ESTONIA
Phone: +372 7 375930; fax: +372 7 375900
Email: gender@ut.ee

Link:  http://www.ut.ee/gender

Logo Unidad de Esudios de Género, Universidad de Tartu

Local platform of experts of Estonia


Women’s Studies Centre Milly Villa, University of Calabria (Arcavacata di Rende, Italia)

The Centre for Women’s Studies Milly Villa is a research institution of University of Calabria. It was officially recognized in 1997 

The Centre promotes seminars and researches on gender, and public awareness of gender policies

The Centre has the following aims: 

  • to promote the development of research that in the various fields of knowledge and, through various methodological approaches, sets attention to the difference of gender
  • to promote researches of various kinds on the women's presence through history, society and culture, on the various forms in which it is expressed itself in the past and is expressing itself now in the difference of gender, on a critical analysis of the characteristics ascribed to females and males
  • to support a language that is politically correct
  • to promote the realization of structures that want to guarantee the development of the studies on such matters
  • to create structures that support the planning of Community initiatives that strengthen Women's Studies
  • to promote the initiatives of advanced didactics that favour forms of critical awareness of the difference of gender, also through exchanges and national and international collaborations.

The Centre is involved in many international nets such as AOIFE, NEXT GEN(D)ERATION or ATHENA.

Contact Information

Centro di Women’s Studies “Milly Villa”
c/o Dipartimento di Sociologia e Scienza Politica, Cubo 0/b
Università della Calabria
87036 Rende (Cs)
tel. +39 0984 492573
fax. +39 0984 492598

Link: http://women.unical.it/index.htm

Universidad de Calabria. Centro Estudios de Mujeres

Estudios de Mujeres Milly Villa

Local platform of experts of Italy

- Carlo De Rose, professor of Methodology and Social Research Techniques
- Paolo Cozzucoli, professor of Social Statistics
- Genevieve Makaping, anthropologist and journalist
- Vanessa Tenuta, collaborator of Women's Studies
- Donatella Barazzetti, director of Women's Studies
- Rosaria Marisco, Women's Studies
- Franca Garreffa, Women's Studies 

Women’s Studies and Gender, University of Oulu (Oulu, Finlandia)

Women's Studies is inter and multidisciplinary by nature, and an academic teaching and research field, challenging the traditional paradigms.

As a starting point Women’s Studies has done research and study of women’s historical, cultural, and societal status, but piecemeal research questions have been extended e.g. gendered organisations, multiplicity of gender and other feminist topics. In Women’s Studies, it is possible to study critical men’s studies and equality questions between women and men. The intersectional approach, in which interaction of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, class, age, disabilities etc., are applied in to the Women’s Studies courses as well.

All students in the University of Oulu are welcome to study Women's Studies, which is hosted and located in the Faculty of Education. In practice, this multidisciplinary challenge means that content of the courses include a wide variation of choices.

Women’s Studies has excellent national and international networks and offers good prerequisities to do part of the studies abroad and also to continue the studies and research in various locations around the world. Women’s Studies at the University of Oulu is an active participant and coordinator in national, nordic, and international research, development and education projects and networks.

The new Act on Equality between Women and Men was implemented in the beginning of summer 2005 and the new Equality Act of 2004. These Acts require work places and educational institutions to actively promote equality, to be persistent, and to have responsibility of the results. Shallow equality knowledge is not sufficient for the successful implementation of these Acts. There is a need to develope skills to examine questions of equality and inequality multifaceted and in more comprehensive ways. There is a need to develope new indicators that grasp the state of equality at the national and organisational level, and to build up such analyses for equality, that are sensitive for diverse transformations, tensions, and polarity.

Women's studies, University of Oulu has been systematically doing research about sexualised and gendered violence and developing education material and courses. It has been coordinating and participating networks and projects in aim to develop measures combating violence regionally, nationally and internationally.

At the University of Oulu, these questions are the focus of Women’s Studies and are reflected in the studies as well. Courses connected to the research are increased. Women’s Studies curriculum consist options in courses, in course literature, but also a method of study. You are welcome to study Women’s Studies that meet your own needs.

Contact Information 

Women’s Studies
Department of Educational Sciences and Teacher Education
P.O.Box 2000
FIN – 90014 University of Oulu

Tel. + 358 – 8 - 553 1011
Fax + 358 - 8 - 553 3744

Link: http://cc.oulu.fi/%7Ent/english.htm

logo Universidad Oulu

Local platform of experts of Finland

- Riitta Pohjoisvirta, Director of the Open Services, Oulu Women's and Child Shelter
- Elisa Roimaa, Inspector, County Administrative Board of Oulu,
- Kaarina Kailo, Researcher
- Suvi Ronkainen, Professor, The University of Lapland
- Vappu Sunnari, Professor, Lecturer, The University of Luleå, The University of Oulu



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