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The Third Sector Table presented the report, “The feminization of poverty. Defending the presence of gender ”. SURT has always defended the need for this perspective in order to be able to attack the causes of inequalities that lead to poverty.


The report gave some important statistics

  • The rate of risk of poverty has increased to 20.9%
  • The rate of poverty in single-parent homes is 42.8%
  • Around 11.7% of the female working population in Cataluyna is at risk of poverty. This incidence, however, has more of an effect on the female population (13.1% in comparison to 10.5, in the case of men)
  • The salary gap between men and women is an important cause of the risk of poverty
  • The women dedicate double the amount of time to chores within the house and family

The report was presented in the context of a debate in which SURT´s president, Fina Rubio, participated.

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