A person or organization committed to women’s rights?

We need you to continue advancing towards gender equality, as quickly as our bodies and resources allow us to.

You have different ways to join forces with us, promote the empowerment of women and contribute to changing society with regard to equality.

It sounds huge, but together we can do it!

A supportive business?

Supportive businesses are essential for closing the circle in the association’s social and job inclusion programmes, while, at the same time, they are key agents for broadening the scope of our social action, for the human and economic resources that they can bring to it, and contribute to our goals of empowerment and gender equality.

Your business can actively align itself with the defence of women’s rights by reinforcing the scope of Surt’s action, through financial, material and human support.

Corporate voluntary work

Your working team can get involved in one of the empowerment projects. If you are interested in taking part by contributing training, logistical support or other activities that enable you to share your knowledge and skills, write to us at voluntariat@surt.org

Financial or material donations

You can organize activities to enable you to raise funds for promoting social action projects aimed at defending women’s rights.

You can also donate your products or, at certain times when the association’s programmes may need it, organize a collection, for example, of toys or food.

If you are interested in helping out, write to us at voluntariat@surt.org

Get information and become visible

Join in the campaigns that we launch on the social networks in order to raise awareness and demand action in the face of inequality and male violence.

Follow us on the social networks and subscribe to the bulletin to be up to date with our activity!

Collaborate with the social and job insertion programmes

Businesses give ultimate meaning to the task of mediating between women’s needs and the needs of the market. Therefore, contact and mediation is a key part of the job of economic empowerment and the acquisition of tools for living with the maximum autonomy. However, inserting a group requires investing time and money, and not every business has the same degree of sensitivity. Increasing the number of supportive businesses is basic for overcoming the devastation caused by a jobs market that crystallizes inequalities and excludes women, especially immigrants.

To find out how to participate as a supportive business by giving women from the association’s programmes job experience, phone the mediation section on 93 342 83 80.


Do you want to share time and knowledge?

Volunteers are necessary in empowerment programmes and in the development of the association’s activities.

By doing voluntary work with Surt, you will be contributing to facilitating the social inclusion of socioeconomically vulnerable women, reinforcing their skills and promoting their autonomy. Would you like to spend some time doing it? You can also collaborate in the association’s sections. Write to us at voluntariat@surt.org telling us about your profile and your interest in collaborating with the association.

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