1.900 people


in Surt’s programmes and services managed by us.


100 women


in SIARE, our service aimed to empower women in gender based violence situacions.


45% work


in the programme aimed to empower women working as sexual workers.


26 collaborator


for contributing in work inclusion anf offering corporate volunteers.


9.645 participants

in community programmes with gender and intercultural perspective.


22% work


in the program aimed to empower women in poverty situacions.

“Several tools that I’ve been creating during my life have allowed me to be where I’m now. This program has helped me to discover this tools, believe in them and us them”. 

Eulàlia, social enterprising, participant in Barcelona Activa’s program “Construïm en femení les altres economies”


“I perfectly remember what the psychologist answered me the first time:  who were you before the violence? I did not remember. I did not know who I was. Now, I do: I’m Eva, fully. 

Eva, participant in the service of attention and empowerment for women in gender based violence situations and member of the mentors network of Surt. 


“We realise how, as women and men, we occupy a rol in our own familiar universe and, unconsciously, we reproduce it in our educational activity”

Lupe, participant in a training for CRAE educators

“This training has helped me to explain things that, even I knew were wrong, I couldn’t defend. Now, I’ve got the tool” 

Miguela, participant in the gender perspective and empowerment course for gypsy educational promotors


“I’m active. I was really alone at home and participating in this group has made me feel fulfilled”

Isabel, participant in the program Grandioses! aimed to empower elderly women. 


“I needed to do an activity that makes me feel alive. Now, I feel I’m good and intelligent”

Atika, participant in work return program for migrant women 

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