Governing bodies

The board of trustees, made up of women from different social and professional fields, is the highest governing body in Surt. It marks strategic lines in the medium and long term and insures that all the actions carried out respond to the mission, the principles and values of the organization.


Fina Rubio Serrano

Vice president

Ester Ramos Oliveras


Ana López Anguera



Remei Sipi Mayo

Teresa Martínez Pastor

Belén Fernández López

Montserrat Camps i Marsal

Fina Garcia Garcia

Eva Peruga Sales

The executive management team has the fundamental responsibility to direct and carry out the daily monitoring of the management of the organization and acts as a link with the board of trustees.

General management

Sira Vilardell



The board of directors is the coordinating body for the various lines of activity of the entity. Its function is to track, in each of the areas of activity, the annual plans of the entity and the daily management of the programs and projects, as well as the work teams. 

Cova Álvarez                                                Esther García

Head of  personal empowerment            Head of economic empowerment

Carme Porta                                                Guillem Vidal 

Head of communications                         Head of projects development

Anna Albareda                                             

Director of strategic projects

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