Favour the economic improvement and the autonomy of the women is a central aim of our activity. Since the area of empoderament economic, it fomentem through projects of programs of insertion, employment and emprenedoria, as well as also with itineraris and programs of fight against the poverty and the precarietat.

Also, we drive the economic autonomy of the women through the development of the vital and professional project,  the formation for the improvement of the professional profile and the support and accompaniment to open paths to the insertion in the market of work, for extraneous account or for own account. We offer assessorament individualised expert to women that pose create initiatives d?emprenedoria Social, autonomous or mercantile.

The processes of empowerment starred in by each woman, are untransferable and attend the diverse vital spheres of the person (the formative, the labour, the personal?). The participants to the projects do a work of recovery d?Skills and competitions kept in the time, so that they can go building a plan on a long-term basis that it give answer to his labour aim.


Social attention

Obrint Portes (Itinerari of support to the insertion, economic support, flats received, orientation help, assessorament legal…)

Is a program d?Social attention and empoderament for women in situation of emergent poverty, that have lost the networks of support and, therefore, live in risk of exclusion. L?empoderament ?Personal and economic? It is the central axis of the program, with the main aim to accompany the women to obtain tools to live with the maximum autonomy and improve, like this, his living quality.

With the funding of: Ministerio of Hacienda y Función Public, Department of Work, Social Affairs and Families of the Generality of Catalonia and City council of Barcelona.

MAIS  (Active Measures of Insertion)

Program addressed to people perceptores of the renda guaranteeed of citizenship (RGC), with special attention to the women, those in situation of male chauvinistic violence and those that have familiar responsibilities. The aim is to design with the people participants an individual plan d?Insertion that improve l?ocupabilitat And l?I approach to the labour market. In the MAIS, work different thematic modules (such as labour context, market of work and employments, channels and tools of research of work, formation in transversal competitions and formation in new technologies), in order to provide to the person tools and strategies. Likewise, potencien the itineraris of practical in companies and the processes of research of work in order that the people can have real opportunities d?Go in to the labour market.

Project funded by the Department of Company and Work and cofunded by European Social Found. The FSE invests to your future. 


SADI Itineraris of accompaniment to migrated women 

The program looks for that the women identify the backpack learnings with which count, put in value this capital, know the society d?Received and the market of work and, like this, purchase a better positioning to access . SADI offers integral support to the women, des d?Social attention to assessorament juridical.

Cofunded by Department of Social Rights of the Generality of Catalonia and City council of Barcelona

Rroma women Itineraris d’Acompanyament a dones gitanes (Itinerari Consorci de la Mina)

ROADS Itinerari de formació i inserció per a dones joves

ROADS is a projecte oriented to open diverse and flexible paths that help to young women to surpass obstacles and to access to the labour market in conditions of no discrimination. The empoderament is the transversal axis of the program that can fonamentar and consolidate the process of change and improvement of l?ocupabilitat. The performances that will carry out head to to open different paths for l?ocupabilitat And the professional and personal improvement and are structured  in four big paths, in which concretise and systematise the aims of the program: actions d?Orientation, actions of professional and complementary formation, transversal actions of coaching personal and  occupational, actions of prospecció and intermediació labour.


This program is focused on work orientation and insertion for women (cis and trans) that exert or have exerted sexual work. The aim is ofeering the possibility to develop their own professional and personal competences and, therefore, improve their ocupability, by means of the personal, vital and professional project. The last goal is guarantee their right to access to work market out of the TS, if like this wish it or contribute empowerment strategies  for those that want to continue with the sexual work.  The program offers a skilled attention and very adjusted to the personal and professional situation of each woman, fact that comports the work of multiple dimensions looking for the resources and services that allow to have options to improve his personal competitions and/or technical.

Cofinançat per:

Point of Energetic Advising 

Points of Energetic Advising (PAE) are a municipal service for all the citizenship, focused on improving the energetic efficiency at home, as well as prevent and act in situations of energetic poverty. It treats d?A free service, opened to everybody that pretends to guarantee the energetic rights in front of the companies and sensitise the citizenship through workshops grupals. The Foundation Go out, gestionem the service jointly with other entities of the third sector, and we assume them in two areas, Eixample and Ciutat Vella.

Entrepreneurship, gender and social economy

The different projects that develop in d?This line have as a frame l?Feminist economy, understand l?Economy as a means to the personal developmental service and comunitari. Des d?This conceptual frame address the shapes in that s?Organise the work putting the focus in the coresponsabilitat social and the (harm) sexual division of the works of cares.

Since accompaniment to the women that want to put into motion his own projects already was like autonomous or how cooperativistes. We work to strengthen l?Social economy, solidària and of the cares potenciant l?Impulse experiences and instruments that generate economic alternatives transformadores and that fomenten a sustainable development, just and participatory. Like this, we offer tools for the emprenedoria, the visibilització of the works of cares and his socialisation, and  for the diffusion and consolidation of l?Social economy and solidària, work cabbage.laboratiu, network d?emprenedores….


Integral program of support to the people in risk d?Exclusion that want to undertake. The project poses how a centre of resources of integral character, that sensitises, informs, orients, shape and adviser to people emprenedores and that at the same time drives new business initiatives to generate economic activity, in accordance with the political of the District, taking advantage of of the strengths endògenes of the territory, of the needs of the own projects assessorats and of the network of contacts with other emprenedors, projects and entities of the territory. Also we accompany in l?obtenció Of microcrèdits to undertake, in collaboration with Microbank.

Integral program of support to entrepreneurship

Through the program Catalonia undertakes, in parternariat with Drive SCCL., we carry out actions of support, orientation and assessorament for people that want to undertake, as a alternative to survive to the market of work and road of empoderament economic for the women. The project poses how a centre of resources of integral character, that sensitises, informs, orients, shape and adviser to people emprenedores and that at the same time drives new business initiatives to generate economic activity, in accordance with the political of the District, taking advantage of of the strengths endògenes of the territory, of the needs of the own projects assessorats and of the network of contacts with other emprenedors, projects and entities of the territory.


The service of Information in socioeconomic innovation will be the first door d?Entry to the world of the Socioeconomic Innovation and l?Social economy and Solidaria for people and organisations that desconeixen this field or that want to deepen, since the knowledge of the resources, since the formation, since the interrelation with other entities or since l?Access to programs to favour the emprenedoria. But also it will be a space d?Experimentation, of permeability of the different experiences of the entities of the ESS and of interconnection, of cabbage?laboració Between entities and of growth d?This productive sector. This space conceive also how l?Shop window of the socioeconomic innovation des d?Where offer a basic or skilled information to people and entities of all the existent resources to the city

Entrepreneur directory 

Directory that collect the business initiatives of women emprenedores participants of the programs of accompaniment that offer to Go out. Split of the Service for Emprenedores Novel (SEN) for the creation d?A network in which the women emprenedores can feel identified, certain and accompanied on the way as solitary d?Undertake an own business, and want to that it grow to follow giving visibility to l?emprenedoria Feminine and favour the creation of network.

¿Would you like joining the network of entrepreneur women? Contact to us: carolina.fort@surt.org


FES! Feminism, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability is a destined initiative to favour the sustainability of the projects emprenedors led by women. It offers them accompaniment to través d?An itinerari that will allow to validate the model of business in the current reality of crisis potenciada for the Covid-19, purchase tools for a management eficient through the digitalisation, and sensitise in Social Economy and Solidària for such d?Incorporate the social and environmental impacts to the projects emprenedors of the women.


It proposes accompany women to open labour opportunities in the sector of the repair and maintenance of bicycles. L?itinerari Offers a labour exit as a mechanical of bicycles, a professional sector traditionally masculinitzat, but in which the women have aptitudes to develop-s?. The project is formed by sessions d?empoderament Personal and to define the own project, formation tècnico-professional and capsules of transition to l?ocupabilitat In the sector.


Formation and employment


Surt offers occupational formation of the Service of Employment of Catalonia headed to people on the dole in different specialisations: mediació, dinamització comunitària, administrative auxiliary-administrative, English and attention to the public. There are two lines: dinamització comunitària  and  mediació comunitària.

Formation to professional and to people emprenedores in ESS

Formation to people emprenedores in equality and prospect of gender

Formative actions addressed to people emprenedores of l?School of Professional Women, Managerial and Emprenedores of Active Barcelona and to suppliers of the programs of formation.  These formative actions answer to three typologies d?Performance, that is to say, the workshop, the module and the capsule. All l?Formative offer tour around the prospect of gender, all giving answer to the need to comprise and grasp this critical approach in his globalitat at the same time that motivate to the people to apply it so much in his business projects and in the development of his profession.

Modules in entrepreneurship and gender for undertaken suppliers.

In this workshop promocionem the reflection in key of gender of the fact d?Undertake. Facilitate the tools for garant the equality d?Opportunities in the services of l?School.

Modules emprenedoria and gender for people emprenedores

In this workshop promocionem the reflection in key of gender of the fact d?Undertake and facilitate the tools for garant the equality d?Opportunities.

Capsule competitions emprenedores and gender

Identify and work the competitions emprenedores that can help us to attain l?Success and minimitzar the risk of failure and will recover those own of l?Field deprived to transfer them to the market of work.

Capsule leadership transformer

We speak on l?Application d?A model  of management of people based in optimising each one of the talents of l?Human team that composes l?Team, potenciant the capacities and transmit motivation as a person leader.

Capsule governança democratic and gender

This capsule centres in reflexionar  and give tools on like implementing democratic principles in the management of the human capital d?An organisation.

Capsule intercooperació and gender

Sensitisation on the historical reality of the networks of cooperation and the experiences that vinculen to the promotion of the equality of gender and offer a mapeig of resources of l?ESS

Highlighted experiences

El projecte Mujeres con valor.es  proposa una metodologia d’intervenció amb enfocament de gènere per informar, formar, assessorar i acompanyar dones que desitgin emprendre. El grup genera un espai des del qual recuperar talents, analitzar les seves idees de negoci, conèixer les competències necessàries en gestió empresarial i definir, experimentar i iniciar l’activitat empresarial.

Projecte destinat a donar suport a les iniciatives de dones emprenedores en la creació o manteniment del lloc de treball o de la petita empresa i en la recerca de finançament, a través de microcrèdits.

Projecte amb una metodologia articulada des del model de competències de Surt, centrat en el desenvolupament de les capacitats emprenedores de les dones en processsos dels quals són protagonistes.

El projecte Raval té Cura vol contribuir a visibilitzar alternatives econòmiques en què les cures, el treball de sosteniment i reproducció de la vida, siguin reconegudes socialment i econòmicament i posades al centre. El treball de cures contribueix al sosteniment de la vida, però front al treball productiu i assalariat reconegut socialment, no te reconeixement econòmic, personal ni social. Situar la vida al centre ens permet mirar la realitat tenint en compte la cura a la llar, la cura al barri i la nostra pròpia cura. Aquest projecte es desenvolupa al barri del Raval de Barcelona.

El projecte Singular Territoris de cura neix davant la necessitat d’articular estratègies que donin resposta al conflicte capital-vida. Vivim en una societat en que el treball productiu que implica ingressos monetaris ostenta el reconeixement social mentre que en contraposició el treball de cures associat a l’entorn de la llar i assumit majoritàriament per les dones no es valora econòmica ni socialment amb les conseqüents implicacions en l’autonomia de les dones que això comporta. Al mateix temps, arran de diversos canvis demogràfics com són l’envelliment de la població i jornades laborals més llargues sorgeix la necessitats de serveis d’atenció a la cura de les persones en condicions laborals dignes que posin en valor aquest treball clau pel sosteniment de la vida i de la societat. Aquest projecte s’esten a diferents territoris de Catalunya (Osona, Bages, Baix Camp, Baix Llobregat, Tarragonés…)

El programa promou l’emprenedoria cooperativa, social i solidària impulsada per dones. Per aconseguir-ho, les acompanya en el procés de creació de l’empresa, a través de formació, assessorament personalitzat, idees i recursos per donar-los una empenta en la primera fase de l’emprenedoria.

Construïm en femení les Altres Economies ofereix també l’oportunitat de compartir l’experiència amb un grup de dones emprenedores amb les quals construir sabers i xarxa de suport mutu.

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