Personal empowerment area helps women to identify and reclaim their rights. We aim for developing free and decided life, which allows each women to know and strength her capacities as a lead subject of its own vital process, autonomy and leaderships.

Usually, gender socialization generates that women build ourselves and value ourselves thorough other people. Surt’s metodology for empowerment tries to give back the point of view to oneself, focus on gender equality and deploy our own judgements over our life, our own way of self-esteem and our own way of loving other people, and, over all, our own vital trajectory, which includes our economical, relational and affective autonomy.


Is a project included in SIARE (Integral Service d?Attention, Recovery and Empoderament) headed to all the women that have lived situations of male chauvinistic violence and that pretends to contribute to his process of reafirmació and autonomy, through potenciar his competitions, recovering personal resources and turn into referents and mentors d?Other women that find in situations more initial of recovery.


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SIARE is the integral service of Attention, recovery and empoderament addressed to surviving women of male chauvinistic violences. It offers them psychological accompaniment and an itinerari for l?empoderament Economic, as a necessary factor for the full recovery.

Sirga is a resource directed to attend and accompany processes of recovery of the male chauvinistic violences and of gender.

The people that reach a resource d?Received next d?Prpers have lived situations reiterated of violence, in many occasions interseccionen many other problematic derivative d?These male chauvinistic violences but also of the system of unfair material distribution in base to cultural criteria and identitaris d?Exclusion. For this reason, for us, attend would mean to understand and accept what this person is and the tools that has developed to arrive until the moment in that s?It has crossed with the possibility d?Access to our resource. Accompany to the person involves to listen to where wants to direct his change, in case of want to do it, and provide tools for the same, all respecting his elections.

For this reason understand that the process of recovery constitutes one of the main aims that accompany the professional that form part of Sirga. This is the group d?Strategies and material and vital elections that carries out the woman received in order to give sense and find personal tools to go doing disappear the negative repercussions of the violence suffered. Since Sirga, understand this process since the respect and the understanding in front of the meanings that each person attended can give to this process of recovery and which are the tools or the itineraris that wants to carry out to attain it.

The SIADs, Service d?Information and Attention to the Women, is a point of reference for the women and for the collective LGTBI of the municipalities. Since the Foundation Go out offer services d?Individual psychological attention and grupal to women and the his children and daughters, as well as services d?assessoria Juridical to several SIADs of the territory such as:

  • SIAD del Prat de Llobregat
  • SIAD de Santa Perpètua de Mogoda
  • SIAD de Badalona
  • SIAD de Salt- Gironès
  • SIAD d’Olesa de Montserrat
  • SIAD del Consell Comarcal de l’Alt Empordà

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The Service of Families Collaborators (SFC) is a municipal service d?Attention to families of Barcelona with difficulties of social network, familiar or economic that, for different circumstances and of way storm, can not attend his children and/or daughters. It is a complementary preventive resource of the parental functions and marentals to avoid that determinate situations of risk become irreversible in the familiar relation with the children. The SFC takes part to help to families that on time can not do charge of his boy and/or girl, finding some people (family collaborator) next because have care of the and of the lesser in these periods of necessity.


The Service d?Attention Socioeducativa (SAS) of l?Agencia For l?Integral boarding of the Sexual Work is a municipal public service specialised in l?Attention to women and people transsexuals that exert the sexual work, in general, and specifically those that work to the public road, without discrimination for l?Age, state of physical and mental health, disabled, legal situation, sexual orientation, procedència and administrative situation. The purpose of the Service d?Attention Socioeducativa of l?Agencia For l?Integral boarding of the Sexual Work is to promote, potenciar and consolidate the development d?Integral actions d?Attention and mediació true women that exert sexual work in general, and specifically those that work to the public road, to end d?Avoid that l?oferiment Of services to the public road affect the convivència citizen and can attend to the people that realise these activities in l?Field of the social support, the promotion, the prevention and social insertion, as a door d?Entered all the network of available public services and a lot especially the services to the people: social services, educational and sanitary.

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We promote women trans’ rights to favour their welfare, all expanding the knowledge on the needs of the collective and on the mend the processes d?Accompaniment and attention. Twice a month, we share experiences, reinforce aliances, facilitate us tools of defence of our rights and, in definite, accompany us in processes d?empoderament Personal and as a collective.

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