In parallel to the social action, Surt bet to create knowledge and political proposals. The area of socio-political empowerment heads to generate collective thought that facilitate us comprise surroundings in which act, identify the causes and the conditions of discrimination and exclusion of gender and affirm the rights, interests and learnings of the women.

Research, innovation and incidence is a line we work in this area. It is focused to analyse the social reality from a feminist view, in order to make visible what is invisible and to give value to what is devalued. Analysing iniquities of gender, we try to improve social intervention and to influence politically and socially to get to do women’s rights effective.

The other leg of socio-political area is the line of consulting, headed to promote that the organisations incorporate a gender perspective in the way they think and they act.

The team of the consultora accompanies public social agents and deprived to surpass the look androcèntrica ?What does of the masculine experience the universal, without attending the inequalities that involves to be socially read as a woman? Through asssessoraments and formations.

Incorporate the prospect of gender in the way to think and act of the organisations comports a change of paradigm,question us and question how s?Organise our society.

The administrations, entities of the third sector, companies and, in general, the group of professionals that work with people, have the responsibility d?Incorporate of transversal way the prospect of gender, because all the political,programs, projects and actions are integral, more effective and justos.

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