Research, innovation and incidence

Research, innovation and incidence work is aimed to analyze social reality from a feminist perspective, developing innovative methodologies for social intervention and formulating political recommendations.

It is oriented towards action, in order to contribute to generate transformations in the political and social scene. From a critical point of view, we try to make visible the invisible and give value to the devalued, in order to show gender iniquities and to influence politically and socially for the effective exercise of women’s rights.

We pay special attention to the intersections of genre with other iniquities, such as class, ethnicity, origin, age or sexual diversity.

We coordinate and participate in international and European projects, and we also address the social reality in Catalonia.

Investigation fields

This investigation line develops research-action projects to prevent and address gender based violences. We pay special attention to the intersection of gender with other variables of inequality in the realities of specific collectives, such as migrated, gipsy and girls under public tutelage.

Last projects:


FM-OUT. Finding ways out to forced marriages: prevention, protection and support tools for practitioners across Europe

Project of research and formation for professionals in prevention and attention in matter of  forced marriages

Territorial field: Catalonia, Germany, Greece and Belgium.

Duration: 2020-2022

Funding: Program of Right, Equality and Citizenship of the European Commission



Project of prevention and approach against sexual harassment at work, with activities of research and formation for human resources professionals.

Territorial field:

Duration: 2020-2022




Project based on exchanging good practices in the intervention with women of vulnerable groups, with activities of formation for professionals and workshops oriented to women and aimed to improve their economic empowerment, their ability to identify male chauvinistic violences and to develop assertiveness.

Territorial field:

Duration: 2019-2022



We Go! 2 Building Economic Independence: the way out of Intimate Partner Violence

Project that deepens the work started with the first experience of We Go!, a European initiative oriented to promote economic empowerment in women who suffer gender based violence in the couple. Strengthen networks of collaboration and cooperation with  private and public sectors, as well as exchange good practises identified in Europe, is the strategy for get this goal.

Territorial field: Italy, Greece, Bulgaria and Spanish State

Duration: 2018-2020

Funding: Program of Right, Equality and Citizenship of the European Commission


Diagnosis on the needs and the challenges for approaching interseccional of gender based violences

Research on the barriers and the elements facilitadors existent in the services of male chauvinistic violences for the incorporation d?A feminist prospect interseccional, in order to promote l?Access cash of all the women and people LGTBI.

Territorial field: Catalonia

Duration: 2020.

Funding: Department of Work, Social Affairs and Families, with bottom provinents of the Pact of State against the Violence of Gender


Diagnostic of needs and challenges for the boarding interseccional of the male chauvinistic violences.

Territorial field: Catalonia

Duration: 2019-2020

Funding: Department of Work, Social Affairs and Families


Let’s sound the change!

Tools of innovative intervention to educating for the promotion of the equality and the prevention of gender based violences, through formative actions for teenagers to identify and question the stereotypes and rols of gender, as a strategy for the prevention of gender based violences.

Territorial field: Catalonia

Duration: 2020

Funding: Statal Pact against Gender Based Violence


Play it for change 

European project addressed to empower boys and girls to prevent gender based violence through music and audiovisual. Both generate big impact in the processes of socialisation and of building their identities during adolescence.

Territorial field: Slovenia, Poland, Greece, Cyprus, Croatia and Catalonia

Duration: 2018-2020.

Funding: Program of Right, Equality and Citizenship of the European Commission


Alternative Future

Formative project that, from a children rights perspective and a gender perspective, aims to qualify professional of minors residential centres, in order that they can answer better the needs of girls and boys victims, and accompany them in the recovery of possible situations of violence lived, as well as to project a future free of violences.

Territorial field: Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Scotland, Italy  and Catalonia

Duration: 2015-2017.

Funding: Program of Right, Equality and Citizenship of the European Commission


We Go. Women Economic-independence & Growth Opportunity 

The project aims to promote economic empowerment and is addressed to women in situations of gender based violence in the couple. It includes the exchange of good practices, the development of a  methodology and actions for political incidence.

Territorial field: Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Sweden, Cyprus and Spanish State

Duration: 2016-2018

Funding: Program of Right, Equality and Citizenship of the European Commission


Building a safety net for migrant and refugee women

Project to improve the prevention and to address gender based violences against migrant and refugee women. Includes actions of research, formation to professionals, promotion of the networking, legal advice and accompaniment in empowerment processes.

Territorial field: Greece, Italy, Germany and Catalonia

Duration: 2016-2018

Funding: Program of Right, Equality and Citizenship of the European Commission


Empowering Roma Communities to prevent gender-based violence

Project oriented to sensitise, form and empoderar gipsy professional women in order to become active agents in fomenting gender equality and to prevent gender based violence in their communities.

Territorial field: metropolitan Area of Barcelona

Duration: 2016-2017

Funding: Open Society Foundations

Line that attends human trafficking for exploitation as a specific shape of gender based violence in community field. It includes projects focused on trafficking for sexual and labour exploitation.

Last projects:


HEAL. enHancingrEcovery and integrAtion through networking, empLoyment training and psychological support for women victims of trafficking 

Project focused on facilitating the recovery of women victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation, through developing abilities related to the labour market, psychological support and connecting key actors to get this goal: companies and services oriented toward human trafficking survivors.

Territorial field: Italy, Romania, Greece and Spanish State

Duration: 2020-2022

Funding: Found for Asylum, Migrations and Integration of the European Union


LIBES. Life Beyond the Shelter

Project focused on improving the accompaniment offered to human trafficking survivors, once they start processes of autonomy to independent life.

Territorial field: Italy, Germany, Belgium and Catalonia

Duration: 2020-2022

Funding: Found for Asylum, Migrations and Integration of the European Union



Project aimed at integral empowerment for women who have lived human trafficking for sexual exploitation. The project includes mentoring between equals

Territorial field: Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium and Catalonia

Duration: 2019-2020

Funding: Found for Asylum, Migrations and Integration of the European Union


GIRL. Gender Interventions for the Rights and Liberties of Women and Girls victims of trafficking for sexual explotation 

Project aimed at delving into the knowledge and sensitise on the phenomenon of the trafficking for sexual exploitation of Romanian women. The project is also oriented to promote the introduction of gender perspective into the services oriented toward victims.

Territorial field: Romania, Italy and Spanish State

Duration: 2014-2016

Funding: Program of Prevention and Fight against the crime of the European Commission


Stop traffic for domestic work 

Project of research aimed at obtaining information and data on the trafficking of women for labour exploitation in the domestic service. From the research, elaborated political recommendations and carry out activities of sensitisation and prevention headed to public and private actors.

Territorial field: Greece, Cyprus, Lithuania and Spanish State

Duration: 2013-2015

Funding: Program of Prevention and Fight against the crime of the European Commission

Line focused on delving into specific inequalities of migrated, refugees and gipsy women, and also on developing methodologies for empowerment, in order to make effective their rights.

Last projects:


Enable, Empower, EngageThird Country National Women to enhance professional opportunities

Project aimed at migrated women empowerment. It includes formation, mentoring and actions for promoting the certification of abilities.

Territorial field:




Move on. Migration & Gender: Vocational and Educational counselling 

Project focused on exchanging good practices and formation in matter of labour orientation for migrated people, from a gender and intercultural perspective.

Territorial field: United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, Italy and Poland and Catalonia

Duration: 2015-2017

Funding: Program Erasmus+


Projecte Parti GE.MI

This project looks for enriching citizen participation, from a gender and intercultural perspective. It aims to promote roads of participation for all in equality. The main activities of the project were a research on the experiences, obstacles and strategies of participation that migrated people live, as well as actions for empowering them in order to promote pariticipation, thorough formation and mentoring in unions, parents associations, women organitzations and political parties.

Territorial field: Greece, Italy, Germany and Catalonia

Duration: 2013-2015

Funding: European Integration Found

Line focused on studying gender inequalities in  labour market and on developing innovative methodologies for economic empowerment, as well as on promoting gender equity in paid work and in cares.

Last projects:


Study of economic crisis impact caused by the pandemia of the Covid-19 on women 

From the perceptions of professional d?Entities of the third sector and of the own women, l?Study collect the limitations in l?Access to the labour market and to the formation, the ruin of the labour conditions, the barriers in l?Access to the social benefits, the reorganisation of the cares and the social innovation of the third sector in situation d?Emergency , between d?Other aspects, of those that have d?Obtain learnings of expensive to the uncertainty of the next decades.

Territorial field: Catalonia

Duration: 2020

Funding: Department of Work, Social Affairs and Families of the Generality of Catalonia


L’apoderament de les dones de Bòsnia i Hercegovina a partir de les experiències de Catalunya

Projecte per a la promoció de l’empoderament econòmic de les dones de Sarajevo, com a eina per a l’impuls de l’equitat de gènere i la reducció de les violències masclistes. El projecte preveu la transferència de Catalunya a Bòsnia de metodologies d’empoderament econòmic per a la inserció laboral i l’emprenedoria.

Àmbit territorial: Bòsnia Hercegovina i Catalunya

Duració: 2017-2018.

Finançament: Agència Catalana de Cooperació per al Desenvolupament


Equinova: eines pràctiques per a la implementació efectiva de les mesures d’igualtat a les empreses

Projecte que pretén aprofundir en el coneixement de les barreres que condicionen la implementació efectiva dels plans i mesures d’igualtat entre dones i homes a les empreses i organitzacions, i promoure la seva superació. Inclou el desenvolupament d’eines innovadores i espais de trobada per al treball en xarxa i l’intercanvi d’experiències entre el personal tècnic d’igualtat de les empreses i organitzacions.

Àmbit territorial: Catalunya

Duració: 2017

Finançament: Departament de Treball, Afers socials i Famílies de la Generalitat de Catalunya

Línia d’anàlisi de la feminització de la pobresa i les desigualtats de gènere en els processos d’exclusió social.

Darrers projectes:


Exclusió social i gènere a l’àmbit local

Col·laboració en l’elaboració del volum “Exclusió social i gènere a l’àmbit local”, amb el capítol “Exclusió, gènere i interseccionalitat: l’empoderament com a estratègia de lluita contra la feminització de la pobresa”.

Àmbit territorial: Barcelona

Duració: 2016

Finançament: Institut de Ciències Polítiques i Socials de la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Línia que aprofundeix en la intersecció entre el gènere i la diversitat sexual i de gènere com a factors de desigualtat i diversitat, amb l’objectiu de desenvolupar metodologies feministes innovadores per a l’empoderament dels col·lectius LGTBI.

Darrers projectes:



El projecte es proposa promoure llocs de feina inclusius per a les persones trans, intersexuals i no-binàries. Inclourà sessions formatives i per l’empoderament a persones trans, intersexuals i no-binàries, així com accions de sensibilització i difusió dels resultats de la investigació que està en marxa als diversos països participants.

Àmbit territorial: Hongria, Països Baixos, Croàcia, Itàlia i Catalunya

Duració: 2021-2022

Finançament: Programa de Drets, Igualtat i Ciutadania de la Comissió Europea



El projecte TransVisibles ha desenvolupat materials pràctics per a professionals adreçats a afavorir l’empoderament econòmic de les dones trans i millorar les seves oportunitats d’accés i permanència al mercat laboral formal. Es tracta d’un col·lectiu que sovint ha de fer front a obstacles a l’hora d’accedir al mercat de treball, especialment, en el cas de les visiblement trans i les que es dediquen al treball sexual.

Àmbit territorial: Catalunya, Irlanda, Alemanya i Hongria

Duració: 2018-2020.

Finançament: programa Erasmus +


Open Doors

El projecte es proposa reduir la discriminació contra les persones LGTBI en l’àmbit de la salut i promocionar l’atenció sanitària inclusiva. Inclou accions de capacitació de professionals de l’àmbit de salut, la realització d’un curs online i la publicació de diversos materials adreçats a professionals per a la promoció de l’atenció sanitària inclusiva i basada en les necessitats de les persones LGTBI.

Àmbit territorial: Hongria, Bulgària, Itàlia, Polònia i Catalunya

Duració: 2019-2021

Finançament: Programa de Drets, Igualtat i Ciutadania de la Comissió Europea


Look wide

Projecte que pretén ampliar la mirada sobre les violències masclistes i interrogar-se sobre les interseccions entre gènere i diversitat sexual en les violències masclistes vers les persones LGTBI. El projecte inclou accions de capacitació de professionals i creació de materials per a la integració de la perspectiva de gènere i diversitat sexual als serveis de violències masclistes i antidiscriminació, així com programes de suport específics a persones LGTBI en situacions de violències masclistes.

Àmbit territorial: Alemanya, Itàlia, Grècia, Hongria i Catalunya

Duració: 2017-2019

Finançament: Programa de Drets, Igualtat i Ciutadania de la Comissió Europea

Experiències destacades anteriors

Proposta de nous indicadors per mesurar els efectes de la violència masclista en l’àmbit de la parella, tenint en compte els impactes sobre diverses dimensions de la vida de les dones: condicions emocionals, salut, laboral, econòmica, relacions , habitatge i legal.

Àmbit territorial: Finlàndia, Estònia, Itàlia i Catalunya

Duració: 2007-2009

Finançament: Programa Daphne de la Comissió Europea

Metodologia innovadora per a la identificació, el reconeixement i el desenvolupament de les competències de les dones migrades, com a part fonamental dels processos d’empoderament econòmic.

Àmbit territorial: Àustria, Finlàndia, Itàlia, Lituània, Romania i Catalunya

Duració: 2011-2013

Finançament: Programa Grundtvig de la Comissió Europea

Diverses recerques realitzades per conèixer i visibilitzar l’impacte de la crisi econòmica sobre les dones:

L’any 2010, l’estudi ‘Dones en crisi’ ja va posar de manifest alguns impactes de la crisi econòmica sobre les dones a l’àrea metropolitana de Barcelona en el període en que va començar a afectar l’ocupació i la vida quotidiana.

El 2011, es va estudiar l’impacte de la crisi sobre les dones migrades, amb l’elaboració del document “Eines pràctiques adreçades als dispositius locals per tal de dissenyar polítiques d’igualtat de gènere per donar resposta als impactes de la crisi econòmica sobre les dones immigrades”.

El 2014, es va analitzar l’impacte de la crisi econòmica iniciada al 2008 sobre la situació laboral, social i personal de les dones.

Àmbit territorial: Catalunya

Duració: 2011-2013

Finançament: Institut Català de les Dones, Diputació de Barcelona i Ajuntament de Barcelona

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