Our numbers, on the table


During the last fiscal year, the organization spent 4.984.641,56 € and received 4.613.991,68€. So, there was a positive closing: 370.649,88 €.

Surt is mainly financed by public funds.


Among public funders, the Barcelona City Council accounts for 40.16% of revenue (also taking into account municipal services).

Among private funds, La Caixa is the main funder, with 0.81% of the entity’s revenue.

From the beginning, Surt undergoes accounting audits. Euroaudit is the company in charge of this work.

CPA consultors and Applus are the companies in charge of quality audits.

Audits contain the necessary and enough information for being correctly understood, acoording to accounting principles and rules.  Every year are reported to protectorate of foundations, according to accounting rules and requirements established in the catalan foundations law.

Our organization is one of the foundations regulated in II title of  law 49/2002, de 23 de desembre, de règim fiscal de les entitats sense finalitat de lucre i dels incentius fiscals al mecenatge.


8 of every 10 euros are dedicated to cover directy expenses of our projects. 

Commited to quality

We are commited to quality attention. Surt counts on continuous improvement processes with ISO 9001/2008 and has obtained a certification that includes: 

  • Insertion itineraries and circuits
  • Occupational and professional training
  • Self-employment and self-employment services
  • Programs for women’s attention from specific groups
  • Processes of design and management of research projects
  • Procurement process and management of consulting services

Annual activity reports


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