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This week, we finalize the selection for women participating in the We Were Built on Women, the Other Economies program, presented by Barcelona Activa and Fundació Surt. For ten months, we will accompany self-employed women aspiring to create businesses that fall within the framework of The Social and Unified Economy. It’s not necessary that the project is operating but rather that one has an idea that is well thought-out and crafted as well as rooted socially and territorially; an idea that promotes equality; that has initiated incipient activity or desires to do so, and an activity taking place within the city of Barcelona. If you are interested, email y


We Were Built on Women, the Other Economies is also directed towards women who participate in cooperative projects or social businesses with men, where there will always conditions of equality with respect to their project co-workers and where the women will be those carrying out the training program. The training program will take place in the mornings on Mondays and Fridays from 9:30 – 14:30 from the month of April to the month of June-July and, from that point, there is a slightly less demanding time commitment during the months of July, September – October, and November. The program includes training related to theories and practices, visits to businesses and cooperatives operating within the social and unified economies as well as meetings and luncheons with female entrepreneurs and cooperative members in addition to individual and co-working accompaniment.

In the case of a women enrolled in the program who are part of a collective, one could divide their participation in the training sessions amongst themselves and their co-workers. All activities of the program are free.

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