8M 2024: Together against precariousness, borders and genocide

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Another year, on March 8, International Women’s Day, we took to the streets to claim women’s rights. This year, under the slogan “Women, lesbians and trans people standing against precariousness, borders and genocide” we participated in the central demonstration in Barcelona called by the Assembly 8M platform. Some workers joined the day’s strike and the organization assumed essential services.


As part of the day, last week we organized reflection and struggle activities. The Montserrat Abelló Library (Barcelona) hosted, on March 6, a poetry talk of diverse poetries from all over the world gathered to highlight the long history of commitment to literary feminism by Montserrat Abelló and Soler. The participants recited their own poetic material. The poetry gathering was organized by Crearteducaccion Comunitaria and was organized by the PIAD de Les Corts, managed by Surt.

On March 7, we participated in the Women’s Walk through the Raval under the title “Move together!”. Organized by the Taula Dona del Raval, different organizations from the neighborhood participated in an itinerary from Plaça Folch i Torres to the Moll de la fusta, where a sports event was held organized by the Ciutat Vella Sports Association together with high schools of the area The participants, including ten from the Obrint Portes de Surt program, ended the activity with a choreography directed by the high school teenagers.


On March 8 itself, the SIE de Terrassa (managed by Surt), with the support of the Department of Equality and Feminism of the Generalitat de Catalunya, launched aCOSta’t Jornades de reflection on sexist violence. It was the first of two sessions hosted at the Ateneu Candela from Terrassa; the second will take place next March 15 with the same content in the afternoon (3.30pm to 9pm). Registrations can be made using this form.

Photos of Jornades aCOSta’t 2024 (Ateneu Candela, 8 març 2024, Terrassa) by Víctor Ruiz Caballero.

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